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  Shared Wisdom Non-Profit Donations
     Doing Our Part as Global Citizens 

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Always in our heart, 

the Siddhartha School received funds from Shared Wisdom to support one student in his continued education for this upcoming school year. Education = Freedom. 

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Since 2020 and Covid there has been an increase in the need for basic resources; supporting others with food and shelter. Shared Wisdom contributed funds to help meet the needs of our local Silicon Valley residents

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Bread of life

Located in East Palo Alto since 1989, the mission of Bread of Life EPA has been to serve hot, nutritious, culturally-appropriate meals to the homeless and poor and strive to eliminate the consequences of chronic hunger while demonstrating compassion and a loving touch to those in the community who need it the most.

GO CAMPAIGN is one of our favorite non-profits due to their diligence and heart. They carefully select organizations to support  by their leadership and commitment to better this world, one heart at at time. We can be confident that our monies are well monitored and used for best causes. The initiative in Afghanistan (below) is one example of their presence where it is desperately called for.

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  The Tashi LhunpoMonastery

in Bylakuppe, South India, houses and educates young boys and men who dream of becoming Tibetan monks.

Originally this training would have occured in Tibet, however with the current political climate, this is not possible.  HHDL guided our own Rinpoche to fundraise, design and build the expanded monastery to include a university for education. 

By supporting the Monastery, we participate in the next generation of Tibetan Monks. Without Tashi Lhunpo, the lineage would be in jeopardy. 

Urgent Need: Girls' Education in Afghanistan

The Go Campaign has taken on the huge task of addressing education for girls, using a network of community organizations.


On the ground supplies and teachers are being provided, as well as stable classrooms.


No time more than now has the consideration for girls future been at stake in the Middle East. Education is the portal to freedom. 

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