The Fragrance of JOY

The Fragrance of JOY Women's Sangha
Siddhi and Nirmala have created a weekly women's sangha. A place to connect with ourselves through gentle movement, mudra, mantra, and discourse.  A place to connect with a community of women exploring and inhabiting their highest selves.    We invite you to join us!

All are welcome. There is no beginning or ending within our circle.  You can step in at any point. 
We meet Saturday mornings 7:45am PT.
Check in 7:45-8am. Program 8-8:45am.
    Weekly Zoom Link:



The Fragrance of JOY Healing Circle
It is no secret that many of us are struggling during these extended, unprecedented times. We have formed a virtual healing circle which gathers weekly to send prayers and  energy to those in need. Email below to join our healing circle or be added to our healing list to receive healing.

A glimpse into the ARCHIVES from The Fragrance of JOY gatherings

The Fragrance of Joy
Deep Listening Circle

The power of being heard is tranforming. Our own knowing
is revealed when we speak our truth with witness to this truth.  You may wish to join us for the art of deep listening as well
as for sharing the transtions, joy and pain moving through
your life. Weekly we meet on Zoom for one hour; breakout in small groups for ample sharing and listening.  Please join!

                  Questions and to join email: