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BOOk Sleeping with the Beloved

108 Writings of Devotion  

Published in 2016, Sleeping with the Beloved is a written expression of one pilgrim's spiritual journey towards the Divine. Written as an outpouring of love for the unfurling which occurs when we abandon thought and fall open-hearted into the unknown.

A compilation of devotional writings, in poetic form, which emerged over a two year period. They are the inner stirrings of the author as she traversed the circuitous path of the seeker.
Inspired by the intersection of the mundane and the divine which she experienced as the expression of life in India and through her teacher Sadhguru, Nichola simply allowed the flow of words to tumble onto the page.
Not censoring or reordering, rather accepting the words in the manner in which they appeared. It was a devotional practice to receive the gift of words through the heart without invoking the mind in critical review.
The writings are divided into sections based on the inspiration for each writing. Let this book inspire you to dare into your own journey of mystery and wholeness.
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