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 The Fragrance of JOY Community Offerings

Community, Family, Shared Curiosity, Willingness, Laughter, Inquiry.....

Saturday Morning Women's Sangha

Join a global community of women who meet weekly online and annually in person to share wisdom. Gathering regularly in community creates a foundation from which you can deepen your own personal spiritual journey.

My colleague, Siddhi, and I lead the Saturday Morning Women's Sangha. Our community has a strong heartbeat. We explore what it means to embrace the Divine Source and to live from a place of Consciousness, compassion and creativity. 

The Saturday Women Sangha meets at 7:45 - 8:45 am PT in our Soul Zoom Room. We welcome newcomers, part-timers, and regulars. Our time together includes a combination of  meditation, yoga, mudras, discourse and sharing. All women, any age, are welcome.

Here’s an example of our session:
15 minutes - Optional Check-in (7:45-8 am)
15 minutes - Spiritual Discourse
15 minutes - Gentle Movement, Breath Work, Mudra
15 minutes - Mantra
Occasional breakout rooms, deeper discussion    

Annual Ladies In-Person Retreat

Once each year we gather in person to share the journey of spirit and to laugh in real time. We invite you to join us from wherever you live. 

Next In-person Retreat: Fall 2024.
Yoga Loft, Palo Alto California
Please email  interest.
nonprofit Shared Wisdom.

Deep Listening Circle

Our Deep Listening Circle continues….such deep healing and sharing.
A circle for safe sharing of your life story, 
the transitions, the pain and the joys.
Join other women to hold the shadows of life.
You will cultivate your Deep Listening capacity by joining in.
Drop in and please share this circle with friends. 
Every Wednesday Noon-1pm PT on ZOOM 
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Schedule a session with Nichola to explore how we might work together. Through our mentoring sessions, I will listen actively to your stories and offer insights, guidance, and practices to support your life journey. 

Though I am not a licensed therapist, my pastoral education and experiences as a spiritual and life mentor, have prepared me to support individuals and families in crisis and transitions. 

Each of us is moving continually through stages and transitions of body, mind and spirit. It can be helpful to have a guide, a companion, a teacher to illuminate the path. You and I will create space to explore where you have been and where you are headed. 

I will support you in your spiritual discernment, real-time life adjustments and fear busting. We can explore your growing edge and steps for living fully in this unprecedented time in history. 


As mature spiritual seekers we have the opportunity and responsibility to step into the role of 'Elder' in our family, our community and in the wider global collective.

The Fragrance of JOY Alliance has called together a circle of women to support and inspire one another to live into this possibility. Conscious Eldering is three-pronged. We commit to cleaning up our own vrittis or tendencies which are no longer serving us, to stepping into our wisdom as we serve others and finally a dedication to environmental consciousness and sustainability.

As Elders we hold a wealth of wisdom and life experience, which can be invaluable for younger generations and the community at large. Embracing the role of an Elder means actively seeking opportunities to share this wisdom in everyday life.

Coming together in a circle of women to support and inspire one another in this journey can provide a nurturing and empowering environment for personal and collective growth. By supporting each other, sharing experiences, and celebrating the joys and challenges of conscious eldering, the impact of this movement can be amplified.

'Eldering', an embodying of wisdom, compassion, and a commitment to the greater good.   If you wish to learn more about this Elder circle, please email.


Lydia has been practicing vibrational healing using color and sound since 2004 through private sessions, group sound baths, retreats and workshops. She studied with sound masters Fabien Maman and Wolfgang Dienert. In her private practice she channels divine energies using gong chimes tuned to specific frequencies, monochords with healing overtones and tuning forks for releasing, balancing and harmonizing. Color essences and color silks are also used as part of the vibrational healing. After years of practicing Aura_soma, she created Color Soul Reading. In keeping with her passion for nature's healing, she is also an herbalist deeply attuned to the vibrations of plants, specializing in flower essences. As a passionate dog lover, she uses her gifts to help dogs with anxieties, pain and suffering  as well as offering death transitions as a dog doula. Contact:  
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Every Monday Morning 7:30am-8am PT ZOOM 

It is a time of displacement of physical space, heart space and safe space for many around
the globe. Countless are children. There is a dis-ease among our communities
Those of us able to offer prayers, ♥️, and intention for healing and Peace in our world
We invite you to join us Monday mornings 7:30-8:ooam PT for a Maitri Meditation;
the Buddhist practice of Loving-Kindness. This practice invokes our capacity to hold open
our hearts in the midst of loss, fear and uncertainty.  Please invite your friends.

All are welcome🙏



Rumi, the 13th century Persian poet, has been called the greatest mystical poet of all time. During the last 25 years of his life, Rumi composed over 70,000 verses of poetry.

His work has an all-embracing universality. A call for an independent soul yearning for true freedom from dogma and hypocrisy. Join us anytime during our ‘RUMINATING WITH RUMI’ on a What’s App group dedicated to the study and pleasure of Rumi. Each day one of his writings will be shared as well as antidotal postings to expand our connection with this mystic of great presence, yesterday and today.

Siddhi Ma


"I came upon Nichola and Spirit House searching for respite from grief following the loss of my son, Nick. My travels to understand such a soul piercing loss were gently transformed into a learning about self and universe within.  Through Nichola I learned to walk with greater awareness sustained by practice of breath, meditation, yoga and diet. No words to express my gratitude, light and joy.”


Siddhi Ma's journey from a seeker to a spiritual guide is a testament to her dedication, resilience, and passion for personal development and spiritual growth. Born as a curious soul, Siddhi's quest for knowledge and self-discovery began at the tender age of 17 when she embarked on a search for a therapist. This initial step led her from her first psychotherapy session to encountering her first Indian teacher, Osho.


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