Nichola ‘Nirmala devi maa'

Sixty-six and still morphing into who I am...I am spirit dancing in a body.

The question which has followed me for most of my lifetime is, “What is my truest purpose?”


For most of us, we have a deep-seated desire to expand into our highest calling or most authentic self. The journey is finding our way back to self. In this state, we naturally express our innate purpose. We have been pulled off-center by many distractions throughout life. Family, society, fear, laziness; the list is endless.


At some point in your life, you come face to face with an inherent desire to touch and express your most aligned potential.


Many of us are raised to believe the strongest expression of self is an external manifestation. You may have succeeded in many  aspects of an external life and still found that underneath of these expressions is a more subtle longing to touch the source of CREATION ~ to touch SPIRIT. To be CREATION through SPIRIT.


It is from this place of inquiry that I consciously began my journey. From study at a Christian evangelical seminary to an interfaith program in the early days of interfaith vernacular in the US, I found myself drawn to the exploration of Spirit.  I studied shamanism, Buddhism, family systems therapy, and Taoism alongside the more traditional study of the monotheistic traditions. The more I explored, the more I felt the cauldron of possibility growing. And I wanted to share this pull. ​


In early 2000, I began teaching courses in diverse aspects of spirituality. Through small groups of 10 or so, we forged ahead fearlessly in search of Spirit. These groups grew and so did my longing to keep expanding.


Out of this longing, SPIRIT HOUSE was born. For ten years I, and an exquisite group of facilitators, shared the spiritual journey through a community called Spirit House. A place for gathering, challenging and expanding our individual and communal mindsets. Many fellow journeyers traveled with us down the rocky path of self-exploration and awareness.

During this timeframe, I had the blessing of meeting my spiritual teacher. You may ask, “How does one know when she has met her teacher?” There are no words to adequately express the teacher student relationship. I can only say you will know it when your teacher appears.

 A teacher does not simply endorse whatever you wish to believe, study or manifest. A teacher will prod you to dig deeper inside yourself. A teacher will challenge you to dismantle and relinquish old patterns and beliefs.


I am routinely thrust into concepts which require me to rethink possibilities in this embodied form I inhabit.  I have a deep and enduring love for knowledge and ritual.  While exegesis of texts, rituals, and ceremony are beautiful and insightful; they are more aptly experienced as conduits to Spirit, not the destination. Touching yourself as Spirit and therefore a piece of Creation, is liberating and humbling.


I continue to explore alignment between my outer self and my inner Spirit. For now, this process is being exposed through a sojourn in India. I am filling the vessel that I am with wisdom, emanating from thousands-year-old Vedic teachings. These texts, and chants infuse me with mystery and the desire to touch the infinite nature that I am.

I share this journey with you through words, sounds and photographs. Perhaps you will find inspiration as you explore your own source of Creation.


As 2020 unfolded we found ourselves in a different world. In response, at this time I am offering one hour guidance sessions to support you in real-time life adjustments, spiritual discernment and fear busting. We can explore your growing edge and steps for living fully into this unprecedented time in history.         Book An Appointment!   


Additionally, my colleague Siddhi and I have established a Saturday Morning Women's Sangha for sharing, exploring and deepening. It is called THE FRAGRANCE OF JOY! Details on the Fragrance of JOY link. If you feel the call to be a part of a women's circle, please feel free to join us.

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Blessings, Nirmala