Spirit House was the community that evolved out of my desire to travel the journey of Spirit with other like-minded individuals.


Along with a beautiful group of facilitators, we taught ongoing classes in Buddhism, A Course in Miracles, Yoga, Mediation, individual workshops in personal transformation, medicinal gardening and tincturing for healing, drumming to connect to the heartbeat of Mother Earth and much more.


We responded to the inquiry of our community and met them in their journey. It was exciting and fulfilling.


Creating a community is an adventure. What I realized during this endeavor was that the most substantial gift of the circle we called into being was not what was being shared rather that something was being shared in the community.


A safe space to explore your old beliefs and imagine new ones. A safe place to break down and build back up.

That we created a container for this process was the biggest gift. YOU too, can facilitate a group and call a community into being. Perhaps you already have thought about calling a circle.

Book clubs, knitting circles, meditation groups; all function as the foundation for creating a conscious community. Taking a casual gathering up a notch to a conscious, thoughtful community is an important contribution to our humanity.


I share this with you because the support and brilliance of circling together in conscious intention to relate ALL of life to our spirit journey is empowering. One does not need to lead spiritually based classes to offer a spiritual gathering. EVERYTHING in life is spiritual.  


You can not escape ‘spiritual’. It is the essence of who you are. A soul encased in a physical structure. Innately your journey is one of spirit ~ the only question is whether it is done consciously or unconsciously.


I recently closed Spirit House. It was time for me to move into a more subtle expression of Spirit. I am transitioning Spirit House from a physical place of gathering to a cyber-community as I reside in-between India and the US.


I hope that this site will inspire you to reach for the highest version of yourself. You deserve it, you own it and you will ROCK it!!

Shared Wisdom is an outgrowth from the Spirit House community. Over time we were blessed with many visiting teachers and sages. Their wisdom and LOVE drew us into an eagerness to support wisdom teachings from around the world.


I believe that sharing wisdom is the cornerstone for the survival of mankind. When we open our minds and our hearts to hear one another’s story and wisdom, we cultivate Peace and Respect.

Today, Summer 2020, we are in a different world, Covid 19. At this time I am offering one hour guidance sessions to support you in real-time life adjustments, spiritual discernment and fear busting. We can explore your growing edge and steps for living fully into this unprecedented time in history. These funds will contribute to donations made through Shared Wisdom non-profit.

Book An Appointment!  Blessings, Nirmala

For information regarding our most recent non-profit participation please visit HERE.

Shared Wisdom is a non-profit corporation dedicated to supporting individuals and communities as they offer their teachings and wisdom into the public domain.

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