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Shared Wisdom

Spirit House was the community that evolved out of my desire to travel the journey of Spirit with other like-minded individuals.

 In our beautiful Spirit House space and in collaboration with a group of dedicated facilitators,

we taught ongoing classes in Buddhism, ACIM, Yoga, Meditation, workshops in

personal transformation, medicinal gardening with tincturing for healing,

drumming to connect to the heartbeat of the Mother and much more.

One can not escape ‘spiritual’. It is the essence of who we are. A soul encased in a physical structure.

Innately our journey is one of spirit ~ the only question is whether it is done consciously or unconsciously.

I closed Spirit House in 2018. It was time for me to move into a more subtle expression of Spirit.

Closing Spirit House gave me a lovely opportunity to  transition from a physical place of gathering

to a cyber-community as I travel between India and the US. 

Because  I believe that sharing wisdom is the cornerstone for the survival of mankind, 

I have created opportunities for gathering a cyber-community which is called

The Fragrance of JOY+.


Both The Fragrance of JOY+ community and an international non-profit called Shared Wisdom, have grown 

from the original Spirit House community. Shared Wisdom non-profit supports

organizations aimed particularly, but not limited to, women and girls at risk.

Shared Wisdom also support our cyber-community through satsangs, workshops and online teachings.

DONATIONS to the Shared Wisdom non-profit may be made through

Paypal (Link at bottom of page) or checks mailed to:

Shared Wisdom  2995 Woodside Road Suite 400-505

Woodside, California 94062   Attn: Nichola Johnson   Non Profit ID: 81-1386839

For information regarding our most recent non-profit partners please visit HERE.

                        Below are photographs from the Spirit House and Shared Wisdom community. EnJOY!

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