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Join date: Jun 9, 2020


Every time I am asked to share about myself I am confronted with the question: Who am I?

The answer to this question is constantly changing and evolving while I am forming myself more and more into being.

A lama once gave me the name: Radiant light which supports others - and I feel this is who I am. My entire focus is to allow my clients to come into Wholeness. The sciences I use have been proven over thousand of years. To come into wholeness requires that the organs and internal systems are working in coherence with each other and for you. When your liver is congested you might experience anger and impatience - the fire in your body is too intense, you are losing your clear mind and for sure your temper. Being in wholeness means that the elements are in alignment and with conscious breathing, movements, mantras, meditations & mudras we can come into and stay in a state of equilibrium. 


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