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Join date: Oct 3, 2020


"I dedicate all thought to union". --A Course in Love

Hello Nikki and all! I am very happy to be a part of this beautiful group which is creating magical, blessed and tranquil Saturdays. Thank you to all who are making this possible.

I have known Nikki since college where we were sorority sisters and roommates. In the early 1980's Nikki and I were sitting in my backyard and she mentioned to me that she was reading "A Course in Miracles". I had no idea what it was but later kept noticing it at my local spiritual book store where it was always prominently featured on a display table or at eye level on a shelf. It just called out to me, or maybe Nikki's mentioning of it had piqued my interest. But ultimately I bought it and began to study it. It wasn't until many years later, however, that I became a serious student of it and eventually wrote a short book on forgiveness called "Forgiveness is the Key to Happiness" (available on amazon.) In the last six years, I have been part of a study group that has gone into depth studying "The Way of Mastery" and now, "A Course in Love" and David Hawkins. These three books are my core influences and passions, although many spiritual teachings influence and interest me.

I live at Lake Tahoe where I am a member and on the Board of Directors of my local Center for Spiritual Living. I have met many beautiful women there who have become my friends and share my passion for spiritual growth. In fact, there is a small "Tahoe Contingency" present in our Saturday meetings. These are members of my church and study group.

Hiking, biking, golf and skiing are my favorite ways to spend free time and when I'm not doing these, I am working on my clients homes as an Interior Designer. I am married to my husband of 37 years, Mark Johnson, and I have two daughters and two amazing grandchildren whom I adore and spend as much time as possible with.

I am so grateful to be living in the mountains where the sun sparkles through clear crisp air and the vortex of our beautiful lake purifies and elevates our minds and bodies. My love to all members of this group. I look forward to sharing with you in the future and getting to know you all as time moves forward.


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