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Are YOU Liberated?

Living in India, my friends from the US often ask me, “What does it mean to be liberated?” What is this thing called “Mukti?” Every spiritual teacher in the east mentions ‘liberation’ as part of the spiritual path. Either simply moving towards it or fully embracing it…so what is “it?”

One of the explanations I have for “Why India”, as a place of spiritual exploration is the deeply entrenched system of life that is India. For Westerners while in India, this system in daily life- planning, executing and performing is in itself a spiritual practice. Of course, living in any foreign country presents its challenges; however, India is a unique creature!

Perhaps it is the vibrant colors, the aromatic spices, the presence of deities in all forms in every corner of rooms and outdoor spaces, the multitude of languages, or the crumbling buildings left to simply decompose. Or perhaps it is the combination of many factors which strip away ones expectation for containment of external experiences.

Liberation is the journey, not solely of tolerance for external situations, but rather an embracing of all life in whatever form it presents itself to you. This does not negate the responsibility we have for social justice, personal responsibility or environmental guardianship.

LIBERATION IS IN THE FIAT WE EXECUTE IN RECLAIMING OUR LIVES; the fullness of being in the human form. We have been highjacked by our minds idea of perfection, order, fairness and control. We have abdicated our Liberation in return for perceived control and power. We are unwilling to trust that the natural order within the universe also applies to us.

Liberation is in the release of the tension we hold in our body and mind to continue the myth of aliveness. The myth that says, to be fully alive we need to create an order to our lives in which we can predict and control-only then we can truly relax and enjoy aliveness.

Aliveness, and ultimately Liberation come from teetering on the edge between abandon and control. The sliver of truth that says, you are always out of control and it is in this exquisite chaos that creation of life exists. It is out of disorder that liberation thrives.

Liberation is when the external life, which is thrust upon you, no longer triggers an internal experience of fear or anger. When you can sit in awareness of REALITY and not find your jaw clenching and grinding or your gut bubbling with angst. From this place of truth, you have tremendous inherent power. Power to reclaim the unique piece of life that you are and find expression for this life in the world.




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