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We Dream So We Can Expand

We dream so we can expand.

We dream so we can manifest.

We are taught by sages in the spiritual world to stay in the present. Don’t live in the past or the future. So where does dreaming live?

Imagine that the practice of dreaming is a bridge between the present and all other time. A bridge which firmly roots you in the present while pushing your growing edge towards your fullest potential-the place where you encounter the truth of yourself.

I have begun a practice of Dream Shifting. An intentional discipline of moving my attention towards creation in my life without holding onto outcome. Imagining a balance of being fully present while dreaming the door open to the whole of YOU expressed in real time.

This is a meditative visualization dream where boundaries, limiting fears, and judgments simply do not exist since they are literally made up by my mind-stuck in another time. Using Dream Shifting, I can shift my mindset away from these beliefs and step into a new possibility. We are only stuck if our mind refuses to release us. In Dream Shifting we push the direction of the mind.

In this shift, I visualize moving from an old paradigm to a new reality. I can see myself reaching into all of the corners and crevices of myself. Exposing and reclaiming places which had dropped out of sight through the layers of life or perhaps places I had yet to uncover. My creativity is exposed, my resiliency is remembered and I am inspired.

Dream Shifting is explosive for artists; breaking through a creative block. It is essential in business strategies; bringing new structures and perspectives into old business models. It is liberating in our journey of spirit as it removes the boundaries which have kept us contained and bounded. We are born to be unbounded and free.

At this time, it is incumbent upon us to dream a new reality into the many challenges around us. As stewards of the planet and keepers of ancient wisdom, we must dream a new vitality for ourselves and our fellow travelers. I set aside time each day to Dream Shift; to be rooted in the present while exploring my growing edge.

I ask myself these questions:

>Where is my longing taking me?

>What am I waiting for?

>What is the worst possible outcome of my expansion?

>What is one STEP I can take today?

One step at a time, I move from my present world into a world of unknown potential. I am not dreaming about this shift, I am taking action to move into a new view. I have used this practice to re-imagine and re-invent myself. Through Dream Shifting, I have reshaped my teachings, gatherings and outreach.

I am currently dreaming into a growing edge where I weave together the pieces of my life into one effort. This not only simplifies (my mantra) my life, it gives more power behind my intention. I am not fragmented. Going forward, one of my continued Dream Shifting focuses relates to the Shared Wisdom nonprofit and my continued effort to raise funds for global outreach. This is accomplished through The Fragrance of JOY Community and Shared Wisdom patrons. This joins my love for teaching and holding space for individual spiritual growth alongside my hearts desire to contribute to relieving human suffering within our global family.

What does that mean to you ?

It means that when you participate and contribute financially to one of our “The Fragrance of JOY” offerings or simply make a donation to Shared Wisdom, you are fully supporting the Shared Wisdom nonprofit outreach. In this way you serve yourself while also reaching into the needs of our global family. Take a few moments to peruse this year's contributions here.

May you enJoY the journey of Dream Shifting!



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