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The Spiritual Journey Upgrade

The spiritual journey is a day to day upgrade. This means that each and every day we must engage in disciplines, activities, and inspiration which support refinement of self. Refining is the act of adjusting, releasing, and creating the truest version of ourselves. All aspects of self have an expiration date. You are an evolving energy force which, if not refined, can run amuck. The perfect timing for one aspect is relative to a specific period in your life. As you age, grow, and deepen, various aspects rise and fall.

This is why regular infusions of beauty, wisdom, laughter, and solitude support the development of consciousness and the spiritual journey.

Taking the time to ensure that each day contains elements of divine inspiration will heighten your experience of the embodied form. You will feel an UPGRADE to your spiritual system and ultimately to the whole of yourself. Take a few minutes each day to cultivate and recognize JOY. Literally, stop and smell the roses.

Here are several micro-disciplines to support this UPGRADE.

1) Set your iphone alarm to sound off every four hours during the day. Use the alarm to bring your attention back to the UPGRADE. Stop, breathe, notice what your senses are telling you. What are the smells, sights and sounds surrounding you. Close your eyes for just a minute or two for restoration of self.

2) Check out the local farmers market in your area. GO! Even if you do not buy a single item, the vibrancy of the food, the pleasantness of the venders and overall vibe will lighten your spirit.

3) Purchase a flower pot and plant one flowering plant. Set it by your front door so you are greeted daily with beauty.

4) Make a plan to meet a friend for tea.

5) Take 10-20 minutes to listen to one of our "Twenty Minutes Pause" podcasts. This can be done in the car, while you walk, or before falling asleep at night. You can find them on spotify, itunes, anchor and on the Shared Wisdom website.

A sample of the topics included: Are You Soaking or Seeking, Be Love, Bhavana, Bridging Form and the Energetic, Consensus Mind. Creative Conscious, Dark Night of the Soul, Does your Outside world match your Inside world? Detachment, Dualism, Heart Coherence, Intuition, Loving Ourselves, MY JOB JOY is Transformation/My Job no Joy, Peace of Mind No Matter What, and Pleasantness.

Check them out. Subscribe and you be notified when new episodes are released. There are more than 100 being uploaded!



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