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Creative Tension

Our existence is held in the tension of opposite and opposing ideas. Classical and quantum mechanics explore this dilemma. Within their own branch of physics there are situations when two opposing concepts can be proven true. Together they can not be reconciled. What does this apparent contradiction offer humanity? It offers what all opposing truths offer-possibility for Creative Tension.

Out of creative tension new understandings, new truths, new horizons rise up to meet us.

We must understand that tension is the root of creation. It is the place from which disparate pieces come together to expose different realities . Something never seen or imagined becomes the frontier of truth. Creative tension offers a balance, an expanded caldron of possibility. It is unlimited in its nature and manifestation.

Imagine the beauty of a yurt; the magical nomadic structure used for centuries. The yurt has a frame of expanding lattice walls, roof poles resting on the lattice walls and a circular crown holding the roof poles together. The roof poles are contained within the circular crown at the apex. Extraordinary simplicity! The structure is held in tension with the downward pressure of the roof poles against the lattice walls. Three opposing elements creating a new possibility. This is the exquisite nature of life…..holding form through the beauty of tension.

Everything in our life is for our unfolding and creative expression. Every relationship, every annoyance, every disappointment is a portal to the place of tension; creative tension. When two opposing ideas, individuals, or truths collide, there is an explosion of energy. Harnessed, this energy is dynamic. It is the place from which new discoveries, exquisite creations, and ultimately if embraced with love, where compassion and empathy emerge.

One of the most important pieces of the truth of tension is its relationship to judgement. Once we learn to lean into tension, we will naturally move away from judgement. Our attachment to our viewpoint diminishes as we allow other truths to be present. As we learn to hold tension in opposing truths, barriers in our belief system are dismantled. Our fear is reduced and our heart opens. The larger our heart space occupies in the fullness of who we are, the less room for judgement. We will naturally move into compassion and empathy when we let go of judgement.

The challenge with tension is the inherent reaction and interpretation for the word and its true nature. What is called for is a retraining of word associations. Words simply fail to hold all possibility and in truth, limit us. Now one must retrain the mind to associate the word tension with potential. The dissolution of a familiar form, making way for a new form. This is the foundation for seeing the world with new eyes. If one can move into this vibrant perspective, our entire life will change. Nothing will ever look the same. Everything will be possibility in the making. If we learn to embrace tension, to find aliveness in the energy of contradiction and let go-the power of creation can be held in our hand. This the portal to manifestation. Until we are willing to relax into tension, we will continue to hold life in duality. All truths cohabitate in the One.

What is truth? Can one possibly contain it in our limited experience and knowledge? This is another longer discussion-how to identify truth, however for our purposes here, let us see that truth is an elusive word. In fact, truth does not want to be contained through words at all rather through direct experience. Words are limiting in the fullness of the experience of truth.

Experiences held in the silence of our soul, gives rise to truth. This truth can not easily be shared. What is shared is the willingness to be in communion with more than one truth at the same time. This willingness brings you and me into relationship with the potential to co-create anew. I honor you by allowing that your truth is an expression of all of your experiences. Your truth is uniquely yours. My magic is to hold the caldron for your truth and my own. I do not need you to be wrong in order for me to be right.

If we wish to create on all levels of our life, we must see life as a playground of nuances. Life is not straight-forward. Every possibility has 360 degrees of perspective magnified through our personal lens. Mixing our perspective with that of others brings a new energy into the mix. Out of this creative tension, new possibilities arise.

Follow the unfolding of the universe. Creative tension has been occurring in nature for millions of years. The blistering wind knows no boundaries. It wreaks havoc on the delicate disposition of nature and yet it is the force that breaks open the seed pods and spreads new life across the prairie. We have learned that classical and quantum physics can co exist if we simply allow for one truth of equation to exist for we can make a smooth transition between the two. Nature existing in creative tension.



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