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I am back in the US from India for two short weeks. It is my daughters 21st birthday and I have the pleasure of meeting my grand-daughter, Ava, for the first time. Family JOY! Early this morning, before sunrise, I was awakened by an orchestra of birds in the garden below my bedroom. See the audio file with the arrow at top of Shared Wisdom opening blog page. 

I love birds. Actually, I have imagined for the last several years that I would become a bird watcher. Wandering the uncharted territory of early mornings, bird calls, and secret gardens. Did you know that birds have two voice boxes called syrinxes; located in such a way that some birds can make more than one sound at a time?

This morning something occurred to me as I was awakened by the overlay of bird calls. This morning LIFE WAS AWAKENING LIFE. My slumbering aliveness had responded to the aliveness of the birds in my garden. My senses were tweaked in such a way that I was roused out of my sleep by the waking sounds of the winged ones.

This inspired me to imagine how life spontaneously awakens other life. The domino affect of life stimulating or awakening life. In truth, it is hard to escape the life force around us at all times. It is in nature, in creativity and in the breath of movement. These life essences propel us into our own continued aliveness or awakening.

It is like drafting along the back of an 18 wheeler….you can literally draft the life force of nature to stabilize and strengthen you own life force. You can heighten your own intensity for life by surrounding yourself by the quality of aliveness found in others and you can pass this life energy on. Be conscious of your place in the chain of LIFE AWAKENING LIFE. Be the life force that naturally awakens others. Namaste' 



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