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Life: Discernment & Clarity

Namaste’ My Dear Ones,

I departed India for the US eleven weeks ago. The weeks have flown by with all of the changes and guidelines we have been navigating in our personal and communal lives.

I am looking at the world, as I know you are, and wondering what is next. I have been seeking the guidance to know what is my piece in this global transformation. How might I support the nurturing of resilient attitudes, and compassionate hearts?

The last two years in India have shifted my intuitive capacity, and the connection to Divine Mother. I would like to share this shift with you.

Beginning June 1st, I will be offering one hour guidance sessions to support you in real-time life adjustments, spiritual discernment and fear busting. We can explore your growing edge and steps for living fully into this unprecedented time in history.

Your contribution for this sharing will be made to the non-profit SharedWisdom and is tax deductible. These funds will be used to support NGO’s that are sheltering and feeding those in need at this time.

I look forward to sharing this time and space with you. Book an appointment.

In gratitude, Nikki, Nichola, Nirmala 



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