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Miracles are your BIRTHRIGHT


Language can be inadequate in fully expressing a thought, sentiment or belief. Take for instance the word ‘Miracle.’ What does that word mean to you? One definition reads like this, “a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.” In this understanding of the word, miracle, it is outside of human fiat. We can neither predict nor control it.

I would like to introduce you to the concept of miracles in accordance with Ayurvedic teachings. There are six classical schools of Indian philosophy. In Sanskrit these six schools are called, “Shad Darshanas.” Shad for the number six and Darshanas meaning ‘to see” or six ways to see. These schools of Indian philosophy were the oral and ultimately written teachings of the rishis or Hindu sages. As you might imagine, the original teachings, which were carried orally, vary from one rishi to another. As they were broadened, they became delineated into six schools of philosophy. These six schools were considered the orthodox teachings which found their roots and authority in the Vedas. Outside of these six schools, with more lenient ties to the Vedic teachings, one finds Buddhism and Jainism.

Ayurveda draws its teachings from all six of the more orthodox schools of philosophy. Within these six schools of philosophy, Sankhya, is considered the most closely aligned with the Ayurvedic understanding of creation. It is in this creation story that miracles can be explored. The Sankhya school of philosophy explores the existential questions of the human condition. Why are we here? How did we get here and where are we going? What is my purpose? Sankhya philosophy establishes a foundational base built upon twenty-four principles or ‘Tattwas.’ These tattwas explain the beginning of time. It is a story of creation. In the beginning there was an inherent balance in the unmanifested; a silence in the vast expanse of nothingness. There was nothing except pure POTENTIAL CONSCIOUSNESS (Purusha) and PURE POTENTIAL FOR MATTER (Prakriti). The story explains that Purusha had a desire to know itself however, no way to accomplish this desire. There was a knowing in the essence or seed of Potential Consciousness or Purusha that in order to experience itself, it must merge with that which could become form. In the merging of Purusha and Prakriti the universe was created. This was not a quiet event and as the universe unfolded, a sound or vibration penetrated all of creation as OM echoed throughout. While OM is essentially the vibration of creation, it was a disturbance in the balance of dormant energy.

Out of the merging of Purusha and Prakriti came the first creation of form and fiat as cosmic laws which govern creation. These laws are the inherent truth upon which all of creation must operate. These are the rules of nature and are both subtle and gross. The gross laws include the laws of physics and chemistry and the subtle laws include the laws of karma, disease and health. Together the subtle and gross laws make up the intelligence of the universe and are called MAHAT. Mahat can not be altered for personal preference or through power, pride or ego. When we exercise our free will and venture outside the inherent laws of nature, there are consequences. IT IS NOT PERSONAL. The same rules of nature apply to everyone. Sometimes if looks as though one individual may have a different set of rules than another one. This occurs because we do not have insight into the entire soul journey. We do not see the Truth of a situation, only the pieces that have been revealed to us. In the short-term, the power of human fiat can override short-term outcome. Eternal Truth is outside of time and space. It is not subject to our limited vision, highjacked by time and space. Karma weaves seen and unseen threads around our soul.

When one aligns with both the gross laws of nature and the more subtle laws of energy, the alignment allows for the natural state of creation. This is a place of balance and harmony and there is an ease of existence. For one to fully understand this balance, one must be disciplined to experience life from a perspective of unity not duality. Everything is interconnected. This is another teaching for later.:) For now, lets return to miracles. If we understand the inherent truth of mahat and we observe the subtle and gross rules of nature, we can see that our alignment creates such a state of ease that we begin to witness miracles all around us. Miracles are actually the outcome of the natural state of DIVINE RESONANCE. Alignment with Divine Resonance is our birthright and our eternal state of being. Miracles are the natural state of Divine Resonance. Not extra-ordinary, rather ordinary occurrences as a result of mahat. Bring OM into your life…vibrate with the sound of creation…witness the eternal creation of miracles.

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