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Namaste'~Passage to the Heart

Over the last weeks, I have been watching thousands of individuals pass through the inner sanctum of the Linga Bhairavi Temple. I am struck by the discernible tenderness, devotion and surrender. The exposure of heart and a willingness to receive. It would not be appropriate to penetrate this deeply personal space…in the moments of human vulnerability. It is just that in witness of this passage I, too, have been moved. Each Namaste’ connects me to them and to the lineage of seekers throughout the ages. We are but one family; those seeking Divine love and expression.

As they each enter in Namaste’, for some there is yearning and question, for others there is blessing and joy. The old and the young capture me in their momentary journey; the authenticity of their presence. They are not cluttered with random thoughts and judgments. Their hearts expand to contain the whole of the space. Parents lifting their children up so that they may receive Darshan (seeing and being seen by a Deity) and feel the heat of the Agni.

Did you know that when you hold your hands in Namaste’, you are creating a space with your hands, just above your heart? Connecting the Divine through your upturned fingers and flooding Divine Love through your hands into your heart, activating your Anahata chakra.

Every communication here begins and ends with Namaste’. “I BOW TO THE DIVINE IN YOU”. A recognition of one another’s presence and innate divinity. Imagine, inviting in the Divine in all of your communications. Flooding your heart over and over again with Divine Love. You see, it becomes nearly impossible to hold hatred, judgment and anger when one connects through the heart in communication. The time it takes to initiate an expression of Namaste’ is the precious shift of the heart and mind. Try it, visualize your hands in Namaste’ or better yet adopt the practice of using Namaste’ in all of your communications. It will shift your experience of being in the embodied form. Namaste’



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