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The Cuisinart of Life

It is true that we are constantly changing. The cells of our body renew as frequently as every four days for the colon; up to years for a new skeletal system. Every breath is an ‘inspiration’ and ‘expiration’ of life. Every breath takes you one step closer to eternal life.

Change is the inertia of life. Our vitality depends upon change.The energy required to stave off change is incalculable. Resistance is a demanding foe. The inquiry becomes, how do we ride the wave of change gracefully and with astute discernment? The blessing of the embodied form is FREE WILL. You may choose your own path. More aptly, you may choose you own path AND more powerfully you may choose how you respond to the circumstances your path presents. Some situations we choose, some choose us.

A enthusiastic receiver of change allows for expansion. The dropping of accumulated layers makes room for new possibility. We each come into the world with our unique potential. This potential can become opaque as the years stretch on. Weaving layer upon layer of perceived truth. Experience is a powerful tool. What we take away from our experiences is dependent upon our minds contribution. A busy mind makes for a tainted memory. What we recall is based on our judgements of past events. What else can we calibrate against? Of course, this type of recall leaves no room for new possibilities. For expansion.

It is a practice to drop our minds assessment of each moment and allow for the possibility of a more expanded version of our experiences. This requires us to sit with pain, disappointment and lack of control as readily as joy and success. Allowing that life in the embodied form can not wholly escape the range of human experiences; we can learn to hold both sides of the coin with equal acceptance.

This is not to say that we do not endeavor to create pleasant circumstances in our lives. By all means, create, co-create, and manifest in the realm of beauty. Explore your wildest dreams and GO FOR IT!

I have been in India for a period of time now. Allowing for an expansive of my entirety. The culture, the language, the food, the system of India require that I stretch. There is no other choice. I have placed myself in the Cuisinart of life. Look for your GROWING EDGE. Where the discomfort of the unfamiliar requires an awakening. Stretch….into the fullness of your being. Namaste’



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