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The Unknown Contains the Unbounded

This is a Sangam. The confluence of three sacred rivers in India. The Saraswati, Ganges and Yamuna. Where they is a Sangam. This happens in the city of Prayagraj or Allahabad, India where the infamous spiritual gathering of the Kumbh Mela occurs every 6 and 12 years. I was there earlier this year. I searched for the exact location of the sangam, however, to my naked eye I was unable to see it. I had photographed the location, and later I noticed in my cameras eye, it was visible. The sparkles across the water where the rivers merge. It was unseen by me but none the less, absolutely present when seen through the appropriate lens. The camera's lens had no expectation or judgment, it simply recorded reality. 

It is true, we generally see within the parameters of our past experiences. In order to handle the millions of tiny incoming packets of information, our brain sorts and categorizes. Without context, new sensory information may be missed or misfiled. Untether yourself from the ordinary. See things backwards and upside down. Refuse to be constricted by your prior experiences. Fully embrace the unknown without expectation or judgment. Allow mystery to permeate your life. You have little to lose and much to gain.  

The unbounded or infinite can not be trapped. It can not be contained. See beyond the ordinary and easily seen into the unknown, unbounded and infinite. This is where Grace lives.



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