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What is Truth?

Truth according to our five senses it is a transient experience evidencing itself in this moment. This is relative truth; only known in its changeable state. If you attach to this state it requires high levels of attentiveness to keep up with the changes. What is true in this moment may not be true in the next moment. Attachment to this state of truth will cause you great misery. Enjoy the truth of the moment with complete acceptance that it is ever changing. Underneath this truth is the deeper knowing of TRUTH with a capital T. This Truth is not changeable. It does not yield to personal preference, political power or social pressure. This is Absolute Truth. Absolute Truth is found in the surrender to relative truth. When you begin to experience relative truth in its infinite possibilities you open your heart to the expanded nature of Absolute Truth. It is in this state that you begin to come in contact with the more profound Truth of existence. You begin to hold contradictions as nuances and unknowns as mystery.



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