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Shared Wisdom Jems

This exquisite Linga photo is from the Vishwanath temple in Varanasi, or Kashi as it is affectionately known. Every day there is a ritual for the cleaning and adorning of the Linga. It is intoxicating. I long to sit in this process and be caught up in the temple priests devotion. India carries her sacred threads even at this challenging time. I am hearing from many of my friends in India and their stories are unimaginable. The burning pyres, meant to honor and transition one soul, are handling multiple bodies. It is tragic for the families to witness. Death on takes many forms. If you wish to financially support the humanitarian effort in India, please feel free to use the DONATE button on the bottom of each page of Shared Wisdom website. Tax deductible.

We actively support many NGO's in India at this time. Recently we supported a drive by a group of US doctors to supply oxygen tanks to Indian hospitals. We can each do small acts of love and compassion. Together we will work towards the healing of our planet and all sentient beings who call Earth HOME.

We have called together a Healing/Prayer Circle as an offshoot of our Saturday weekly

Women's Sangha community. It is a weekly commitment of 11 MINUTES. We gather Friday 8:30-8:41 AM PST in shared energetic space, not online. If you feel called to join us or would like to add someone to our prayer list and details will be forwarded. The circle of healing blessings travel into the universe and return to us, multifold. Add your love and compassion to our circle.

Calling all women. We have been meeting weekly for nine months now as a Women's Sangha on Saturday mornings. The Fragrance or JOY community is open to all women. It is a circle with no beginning and no ending. You are welcome to join now.







Saturday mornings on ZOOM. 7:45am Check-in (optional) 8am-8:45am PST Program. Let us know you would like to join our circle, it would be a pleasure to include you.

The latest episode of the Twenty Minute Pause podcast is now available.

FROM UNTRUTH INTO TRUTH. Truth is a journey. We must tend our thoughts, our judgements and our desires for they can high-jack the truth. Let mindfulness keep your attention on truths sharp edge. This episode can be found on the Shared Wisdom website here.

My teacher, Sadhguru, has just released a new book, KARMA. It is available both on audio (in his voice!!), kindle and in print. I highly recommend it for your continued exploration into the embodied journey to which we are tethered. Sages, yogi's and mystics share ancient wisdom for us to absorb, digest and incorporate into life. Amazon link. I promise you find it interesting.

Drink the nectar of poetry, and sunsets and harmonic cords inviting you into the center of who you are. The place where the truest of you resides; without assumptions or judgments. Relinquish the tainted stories of those who fear your light, your brilliance, your essence.

Claim your entirety, stretch out of your skin and into your effervescence. ~Nichola




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